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Frame RCX H130CF
FC F3 V1 RacerCube w/ BEC & LC Filter & OSD (from MyRCMart)
BEC 5V 2A external
ESC BLHELI_S V1 10A 4in1 ESC (from MyRCMart)
Motors RCX H1407 3200KV
Props HQProp 3x3x3
Receiver FS-RX2A Pro
Camera RunCam Swift Mini with 2.5 mm lens
RunCam Split Mini
VTX TBS Unify Pro HV Race
Eachine VTX03
Antenna Foxeer 5.8G RHCP, short
Realacc UXII Stubby RHCP antenna
Battery Tattu 4S 650 mAh 75C
Weight 183 g 166 g
252 g 235 g (with 4S 650 mAh battery)
M2M 13 cm
Flight time 3-5 minutes



  1. Edges of frame pieces should be sanded to avoid wear in wiring
  2. Don't attempt to flash the ESC firmware, 1 of 4 is likely to fail if done via FC, however changing settings is ok
  3. Motor KV is too low for 3S batteries, can be flown but feels underpowered
  4. OSD chip is including severe noise to video when going past 3S, caps and filters don't help, removing BEC from FC and using external BEC solved the issue


  • Don't mix V1 and V2 FC and ESC board, the connecting wires have different outputs
    • V2 is much less messy to use and it doesn't require a separate battery wiring to FC
  • The battery wires are on the bottom of the ESC board so be extra careful not to let plain wires touch the frame
    • Use a piece of electric tape just to be on the safe side
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