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AlfaRC Fi-115 (2.5 inch)

Frame AlfaRC Fi-115
RX+VTX ImmersionRC Ghost Hybrid
Antenna Foxeer 5.8G Micro Lollipop
Motors Happymodel EX1202.5 8000KV
Props HQProp T65MM (2-blade, T2.5x1.5x2)
Gemfan Hurricane 2512-3 (3-blade, T2.5x1.2x3)
Camera RunCam Racer Nano 2 with 1.8 mm lens
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 2S 460 mAh 25-40C
CNHL MiniStar 2S 550 mAh 70-140C HV
Weight 79 g
110 g (with battery)
92g (with RunCam Thumb, without battery)
125g (with RunCam Thumb and battery)
M2M 11.5 cm
Flight time 4-5 minutes



  1. RunCam Racer Nano 2 has far too much edge enhancement and color saturation by default at least when compared to older Swift models causing the image to look abnormal
    • Most likely WDR has been the priority with the default settings as there's not much difference between light and shadow
  2. Edges of frame pieces should be sanded to avoid wear in wiring even if the outer edges have been pre-cut
  3. The frame comes with plastic standoffs and rather short screws, consider replacing with aluminium standoffs and longer screws
  4. A shrink wrap has been added over the RX+VTX board to keep the antenna connectors in place even if hit
    • This also has the benefit of fingers not touching the board components so easily when handling the frame
  5. The correct current sensor calibration value is somewhere between 290-300
  6. ESCs have been updated with Bluejay ESC firmware for getting RPM telemetry


  • FC+ESC and RX+VTX combinations simplify the wiring and space needed a lot
  • The green wire in the provided Ghost Hybrid connector has the RX signal, blue can be removed
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