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This quadcopter was dismantled on 11.7.2015 after 9 flights. The setup was found to be viable but the non-foldable frame too big for my needs and therefore ended up not being flown much. The biggest flaw was the too small battery. ESCs and motors ended up being used in RCExplorer Tricopter.

DIY H-Frame Quadcopter

FC Naze32
Software baseflight @ 23.4.2014
Motor RCTimer 2830/13 850KV x 4
ESC RCTimer 20A x 4
AfroESC 20A x 4
Prop GemFan 10×4.5 GF x 4
Receiver FrSky TFR4
Battery 3S1P 2650 mAh
3S1P 2200 mAh
Weight little less than 1 kg with battery
M2M 51 cm


  1. the RCTimer ESCs averaged the input too much making precise control for the FC not possible, using AfroESCs solved the issue
  2. a bigger battery would most likely be more optimal, most likely going with 4S wouldn't hurt either
  3. an extra bec should be used if additional things are added



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