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build in progress, test flown without fpv equipment and some software issues found that remaing to be solved, after that one of the escs went in a fire… will be rebuilt

RCExplorer Tricopter

Frame RCExplorer Tricopter V3
FC Naze32 Tricopter frame
Motor RCTimer 2830/13 850KV x 3
ESC AfroESC 20A x 3
Servo Blue Bird BMS-210DMH
BEC Henge 4A @ 5V
Prop HQProp 9×5 Carbon reinforced
Receiver FrSky TFR4
Camera ?
VTX ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 25 mW
Antenna ImmersionRC Circular Polarized SpiroNET v2
Battery ZIPPY Flightmax 3000mAh 4S1P 20C
Weight ? g
? g (with battery)
Flight time ?


  1. Sand the sharp cut edges of the arms in order to avoid having wires cut due to movement.
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