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This quadcopter was dismantled on 1.8.2013 after 21 flights. Using U-shaped motor arms proved to be a mistake due to lack of rigidity. Also the maturity of the ArduPilot software left much to desire. The motors and ESCs ended up getting used in a H-frame quad.

Arducopter like DIY quadcopter

CPU ArduPilot Mega
IMU ArduPilot Mega
Motor RCTimer 2830/13 850KV x 4
ESC RCTimer 20A x 4
Prop EPP 10x4.5 x 4
Receiver FrSky TFR8S
Battery 3S1P 2650 mAh
3S1P 2200 mAh
Weight around 1 kg with battery
M2M 60 cm


Lessons learned

  1. The collet type prop holders are too often out of balance and vibrations then cause problems
  2. If you plan on flying high then attach some leds for helping seeing the orientation
  3. Watch were the props are when carrying a bigger quadcopter through doorways :-)

Parts used in initial setup

With this setup, the flight time is about 5-6 minutes with 3S 2200mAh and 8-9 minutes with 3S 2650mAh. The prices are somewhat rounded.

item euro dollar
3x16 Right Angle Pin Header 2e
Propeller set, 10x4.5 EPP Style, Black (CW + CCW) x 2 4e / 8e
4mm plywood (50 x 50 cm) 6e
M3 screws, nuts and misc stuff 10e
aluminium rail 15 x 10 x 1.5 mm 10e
Orthex freezing box 0.3 L (6 pcs) 6e
FrSky TFR8S FASST receiver 70e
ArduPilot Mega CPU board $60
ArduPilot Mega IMU board, Rev-H, with connectors $160
RCTimer 2830-13 850KV Outrunner x 4 $10 / $40
7.4V -11.1V RC Lipo Battery Low Voltage Alarm $4
RCTimer 20A ESC x 4 $10 / $40
TURNIGY BESC Programming Card $7
Nylon T-Connectors 10 Pairs (20pc) $3
Reinforced Plastic Undercarriage (Pair) x 2 $1 / $2
wires of different sizes $6
10 cm Servo Lead (Futaba) 32AWG Ultra Light (10pcs) $2
10 Pair 3.5mm Male Gold Plated Connector x 2 $4 / $8
10 Pair 3.5mm Female Gold Plated Connector x 2 $4 / $8
Turnigy Battery Strap 330mm $2
112e $342
= ~350e
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