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IRCStats introduction

IRCStats tries to be a log analyzer for Linux similar to mIRCStats. Originally it was for my own use only but it's now public since also others got interested in it. The project started as closed source but now the source is available to everyone.

Here you can see an example page generated with IRCStats.

The current version is 1.2. Get it from the download page. Also additional language files are available there. The changelog is also here.

Latest news

IRCStats 1.2 released with support for [HH:MM:SS] format timestamps.

IRCStats 1.1 is now available. This is mainly a minor fix release that addresses compilation issues just in case someone is still using this program.

Pages moved from to because torus will cease to exist in the near future. The source package has been updated to reflect this change but I didn't see that as a reason to bump the version number.

Forum moved from discus to phpBB. Messages have been converted but converting user accounts wasn't possible. Probably most of those accounts were forgotten anyway.

Added a much faster irssi2mirc converter (written in C). It's much like xchat2mirc and can be used as a base for other similar converters.

Happy new year to everyone. I finally managed to get some time to clean the source and do some other changes. Actually I should have done this months ago. Anyway, IRCStats 1.0 is now available and it's also open source.

It's been quiet for a while because I've had some school related things to do. I've added a quick hack to convert xchat logs (version 1.8.5 or higher probably) to mIRC looklike to the links / tools section. I've also started cleaning the IRCStats source and I'm trying to make it public within about a month (however no date set yet).

0.22 is now available. Get it from the download page.

IRCStats is © 1999-2013 Teemu Toivola