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A quick & simple tool to convert xchat logs (probably only from version 1.8.5 and higher) to mIRC looklike. Compile the source with the following command

gcc -O2 xchat2mirc.c -o xchat2mirc
to get a working binary. So far only tested with Linux...

Like the previous, this is a fast converter for irssi logs. However I'm not 100% sure if the logformat is always the same or does it depend of the used theme. It should be compile the same way as xchat2mirc.

Tcl for eggdrop by Jules. Can generate logs that look like those done by mIRC. The tcl has some options of how the logging should be done.

Shell script by Joakim Ahlen that can convert logs from irssi to mIRC logs.

Other IRC stat generators

pisg - open source/GPL IRC channel statics generator written in Perl
deStats - stats generator created in C
gruftistats - Open source, but doesn't seem to be updated anymore.
mIRCStats - Easy-to-use IRC channel reporting tool for Windows.

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