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Using IRCStats requires some knowledge about the system used so I wouldn't recommend the program for complete newbies. IRCStats is available only as source package but it's easy to compile (and instructions are included). Once compiled IRCStats can do a html file representing stats according to a logfile that it was given. Everything is done on a commandline so no GUI access is needed.

Because IRCStats is only able to parse logfiles, some kind of bot or irc client is needed to record the action of a channel to a log. Currently IRCStats only support the logfile format used in mIRC so a converter is in most cases needed to make the logfile look right. The links page has links to such programs. The generated html file can then be transfered to a httpd server with other programs that are almost always already installed in the system. The whole process can be made automatic using for example crontab.

It's true that IRCStats isn't as easy to use as for example mIRCStats is because there's no GUI to help chosing settings and managing files. However various other commandline tools make it easy to automate tasks that can't be done in a GUI environment.

Contacting me

There's currently three ways to do it. You can send me email (remove that spamfilter part), try to reach me from irc (Vergo @ IRCNet).

When contacting about a problem or a bug please give detailed information about how it did happen and how I could reproduce it. Also remember to tell what kind of system is used. I don't have any telepathic skills so I really can't say what's wrong if you just tell me that it dumped a core. Read your email before sending it to make sure someone can understand it. And the last thing, mail in plain text.

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