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Orage and starting weeks from Monday

Orage is a simple calendar for Xfce that doesn't contain email clients or anything such in the same package. In short, it does what a calendar is supposed to do including reminders and nothing else. However, the preferences dialog is a little bit too simple. Orage doesn't have a setting for selecting if weeks start from Sunday or Monday although the used timezine can still be selected.

In Finland (and probably many other countries too) weeks start from Monday so here's some instruction on how to correct Orage to show weeks correctly it that isn't the case already.

Orage uses the locale settings to determinate when weeks start. I usually use en_US as locale in order to keep programs using English as language. Changing the locale for a single program is a simple matter of giving it a different setting in the LANG variable. However, it isn't possible to change that settings within Xfce menus and that's why a simple shell script needs to be created. Open /usr/local/bin/ as root with your favorite editor. input

LANG=fi_FI orage

save, and make the script executable. Replace fi_FI in that script with the locale you want to use and try running to script. The end result should show Orage using the correct locale. Weeks should start like they should and weekday names and months will get translated according to the locale setting.

If you are using the default Xfce system menu then also edit the menu entry to match these changed settings. Open /usr/share/applications/xfcalendar.desktop as root and locate


It should be somewhere around the middle of the file after translations. Next, change that line to


and save the file. Xfce won't refresh the menu items by itself. Unless you want to restart you Xfce session, you can open the menu editor by right clicking the menu button and selecting Edit menu. Next double click on some random entry and close the dialog without doing any changes. Now close the menu editor and select Save when exit options are asked. Items in the included "system" category have now been updated.

The panel plugin can be handled in a similar way as shown above. Open /usr/local/bin/ as root with your favorite editor. input

LANG=fi_FI /usr/lib/orage/xfce4/panel-plugins/orageclock "$@"

save, and make the script executable. Remember to replace fi_FI with what you used previously. Next, open /usr/share/xfce4/panel-plugins/orageclock.desktop (still as root), locate


from the end of the file and replace it with


Now you'll probably have to restart the Xfce session or play a game of kill since the xfce4-panel doesn't rescan those files every time the plugin list is displayed.

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