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Frame Realacc X210 Pro
FC Flying Lemon Kiwi F4 (v1)
DYS F4 Pro FC v2
PDB Flying Lemon Kiwi PDB
Motor RCX SE2205 (V2) 2400KV x 4
T-Motor F40-II 2400kv (2305)
ESC Aikon 30A V3 x 4
Prop Kingkong 5040 5x4x3
Receiver Corona R4FA-SB
Camera RunCam Swift 2 with 2.5 mm lens
VTX Aomway TX001 25/200/600 mW 40ch 5.8GHz
Antenna ImmersionRC Circular Polarized SpiroNET v2
Foxeer 5.8G RHCP, short
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 4S1P 1800 mAh 65-120C
Weight 321 g
546 g (with 4S1P 1800 mAh battery)
M2M 21 cm
Flight time 6-7 minutes of cruising
4-5 minutes of faster flying



  1. Edges of frame pieces should be sanded to avoid wear in wiring
  2. Airbot Omnibus AIO F3 FC doesn't fit into this frame with Airbots own PDB
  3. TBS Unify Pro HV Race VTX overheats and shuts down if not flown within 2 minutes and isn't suitable as a result
  4. Kiwi FC + RCX or T-Motor motors wasn't working combination as it caused jerks during flight
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