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Turnigy Bonsai

Motor T-Motor MT1306 3100KV
ESC HobbyKing 10A with 1A bec
HobbyWing FlyFun 10A
Servos 2 x Hextronik HXT500
Prop GemFan 5×3
Receiver FrSky TFR4-B
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 2S1P 950 mAh
Weight 145 g (with battery)
Flight time 6-10 minutes


  • the carbon rods + z bend pieces don't stay well together using only heatshrink
  • heavier than suggested battery was needed for achieving correct center of gravity
  • the servos stays well in place even without glue
  • battery and receiver compartments are too small by default
  • hot glue was used during assembly instead of CA
  • HobbyKing ESC replaced with HobbyWing ESC on 28.7.2016 to get break support
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