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Below image has old camera, vtx antenna and receiver antenna setup.

Lantian L90

Frame Lantian L90
FC F3 V2 RacerCube w/ BEC & LC Filter & OSD (from MyRCMart)
ESC BLHELI_S V2 10A 4in1 ESC (from MyRCMart)
Motors Racerstar Racing Edition 1103 BR1103B 8000KV
Props Kingkong 1935 3-Blade Bullnose
HQProp T2x2x3
Receiver FS-RX2A Pro
FrSky XM
FrSky XM+
Camera 600TVL 1/4 1.8mm CMOS FPV 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens (from Banggood)
RunCam Micro Swift 2 with 2.1 mm lens
VTX Eachine VTX03
Antenna Eachine VTX03 default
Realacc UXII Stubby RHCP antenna
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 2S1P 460 mAh 25-40C
Weight 57 g 63 g
88 g 95 g (with 2S1P 460 mAh battery)
M2M 9 cm
Flight time 4-5 minutes



  1. Edges of frame pieces should be sanded to avoid wear in wiring
  2. Camera has been mounted with rubber O-rings due to lack of better mount
  3. Receiver antenna has been reinforced with a cable tie + heat shrink
  4. Don't attempt to flash the ESC firmware, 1 of 4 is likely to fail if done via FC, however changing settings is ok
  5. The original camera wasn't too bad in adjusting to illumination changes but lacked dynamic range when flying towards a low sun
  6. Remove the microphone from the camera, you don't need it
  7. Replace nylon standoffs with aluminium standoffs for extra durability
    • The provided M2 screws are however good and long enough
  8. Older Kingkong 1935 props have a much tighter center hole which may not always fit the motors and push the shaft out of the motor instead when the prop is inserted
    • More recent Kingkong 1935 props fix this issue with a slightly larger center hole, those can be identified from the center hub which isn't any longer fully flat
  9. RunCam Micro Swift 2 will not fit with the default standoffs with the included mount
    • With some plastic removal, it's possible to fit the camera using a custom mount while still using the default standoffs and having possibility to get some angle to the camera
    • Only the height is a restricting factor
  10. FrSky XM replaced with FrSky XM+ due to random poor range issues


  • Don't mix V1 and V2 FC and ESC board, the connecting wires have different outputs
    • V2 is much less messy to use and it doesn't require a separate battery wiring to FC
  • The battery wires are on the bottom of the ESC board so be extra careful not to let plain wires touch the frame
    • Use a piece of electric tape just to be on the safe side
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