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Blackout Super Mini H Quad

Frame Blackout Super Mini H (6“ arms)
FC Naze32 (Acro), rev 5
Motor Cobra 2204 2300KV x 4
RCTimer SN20A x 4
BEC Pololu D24V10F5, 5V 1A
OSD Micro MinimOSD
Prop GemFan 5×3 (ABS) x 4
GemFan 5×4 (ABS) x 4
Receiver FrSky TFR4-B
Camera RunCam 600TVL Mini with 2.8mm lens
Mobius with standard lens
VTX ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 25 mW
Antenna ImmersionRC Circular Polarized SpiroNET v2
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 3S1P 1400 mAh
Weight 380 g
499 g (with battery)
538 g (with battery & mobius)
M2M 26 cm
Flight time around 5 minutes




  1. the nylon screws have a tendency to break even on small impacts, replace with metal screws and let the nylon standoffs act as fuses when needed
  2. minimize the amount of components tied to the bottom of the top plate for easier maintenance
  3. don't do a gliding landing on snow as it will fill the lower frame plates and eventually melt
  4. use bright colored propellers when flying with others to provide better visibility even with fpv
  5. UART2 (RC3/RC4 pins) needs to be used with OSD serial communication since UART1 (marked RX/TX pins) is shared with the USB port which will not work if OSD is connected to it and powered at the same time
  6. the vibration damping of the included camera mount is practically non existent, using 80 gram vibration damping balls instead provides a much better result without requiring every propeller to be in perfect balance all the time

PID settings (from older setup)

3S, 2300KV, GemFan 5×3, 6” compatible motor arms, KISS ESCa (oneshot not enabled)

roll 4.0 0.030 20
pitch 4.4 0.035 22
yaw 8.5 0.045 0
rc rate rc expo roll rate pitch rate yaw rate
1.30 0.60 0.35 0.35 0.55

Cleanflight 1.8.1. PID controller 1. No TPA enabled. Level mode is with default settings since only acro mode is used. Level only activates as failsafe.

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