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This quadcopter was dismantled on 27.10.2012 after 26 flights since is became clear that is wasn't possible to make it fly without constant vibrations even when using high quality motors. The reason appears to be weak quality 4×2.5 propellers and lacking rigidity in the frame. Replaced with Crab 20 Quadcopter.

2S Micro Quadcopter

Frame DiaLFonZo-Copter MicroQuad V2
FC Naze32
Motor C10 2900KV x 4
ESC Turnigy Plush 6A x 4
Prop GWS like 4×2.5 x 4
Receiver FrSky TFR4-B
Battery Turnigy nano-tech 2S1P 950 mAh
Weight 122 g
167 g (with battery)
Size 22 x 14 x 6 cm
without battery, props aligned
M2M 17 cm
Flight time around 6-8 minutes



  1. Always check that motors have been assembled correctly, the C10s had the screw holding the mount in place misaligned resulting in one flying motor during first takeoff
  2. Use threadlock in the tiny screws holding the motor in the mount

Motor benchmark before build

The following motors were tested before starting the build:

  • C10 2900KV with 4×2.5 prop (HobbyKing)
  • BC1410 3500KV with 4×2.5 and 5×3 props (RCTimer)
  • BC1410 3900KV with 4×2.5 prop (RCTimer)
    • found to be not suitable, probably better with a 3“ prop

The result is that C10 has better efficiency than BC1410 and it's the better option even as somewhat heavier.

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