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 +====== ISO-8859, UTF-8 and irssi ======
 +This short guide will tell you how to configure irssi so that it will keep showing ISO-8859-15 (or whatever you select) charset letters in terminal no matter what the other users on the channel are using. This way you won't need to worry anymore about UTF-8 junk messing with your terminal that uses ISO-8859-15 or the other way around. Here are the needed irssi commands:
 +/set term_charset ISO-8859-15
 +/set recode_fallback ISO-8859-15
 +/set recode_out_default_charset ISO-8859-15
 +/set recode_transliterate on
 +/set recode_autodetect_utf8 on
 +/set recode on
 +That should do it. There's no need to restart irssi assuming the terminal is really using the same charset as set in the term_charset variable. Further explanations about those commands can be obtained with
 +/help recode
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